Sometimes, it’s fun to dress like a pastry…and I definitely felt a bit patry-esque in this Cynthia Rowley Long Sleeve Flounce Dress (in a good way, if that’s a thing). I prefer simple, dainty jewelry, so I paired it with a few of my favorite pieces from Ryan Sadkin Jewelry. I love this necklace because I can wear it as an everyday bracelet or a necklace!

This is also one of my favorite colors to wear. I have very fair skin, and something about the pastel tone of this fabric gave me just a hint of color. Everyone has a slightly different skin tone and overall color scheme, so I think it’s important to pay attention to photos of yourself to see which colors compliment you best. Spend some time figuring out what your skin tone is – are you more yellow, pink, tan, dark, peach? If you aren’t sure, go to a makeup counter and ask them to help you out…and ask for more than one opinion! Also, realize that your skin tones will tend to change with the seasons. Once you start to become more aware of this, it’ll be easier to determine which colors will best enhance your natural beauty when it comes to hair tone, makeup, and fashion!

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Photos by Christina McConville.