It may be close to October, but it’s still pretty warm here in Dallas. However, the air was a little cooler this morning as I drank my coffee on the patio and it inspired me to start looking toward fall fashion. You may not consider neutrals to make much of a “statement,” but trust me when I say that you can make statements without loud patterns or clunky jewelry. Plus, neutrals are always easy…and hey, who doesn’t look good in whites?!

Neutrals allow you to make a statement with your lip color, hair, or nail polish. I’ve been big into bold lip colors since I got back from New York. In general, neutrals allow you to draw more attention to the colors in your face versus patterns, which can have a tendency to wash you out. Patterns are fun, but when you’re traveling or on a tighter budget, having neutrals makes mixing and matching a lot easier. Plus, it’s it’s not nearly as noticeable when you’re re-wearing a white sweater versus a patterned one!
Fall Neutrals