What do rain boots, luggage and formal dresses have in common?

Well, at least for me, they’re all purchases I never want to make, but always regret not having when I actually need them!

During a flight from DFW to NYC the other day, I opened up my carry-on duffle, and as my luck would have it, the zipper snapped off right as the plane pulled up to the gate. I suppose that’s what I get for carrying one of my dad’s old FREE golf tournament duffels. After spending the rest of my travel time lugging around a broken bag, I decided it might be time to invest in some decent travel pieces. Trust me, I could drool over the monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage as much as the rest of you, but there are alternatives out there that won’t break the bank. Black leather is my go-to for a carry-on – I don’t want to cringe every time my bag is shoved into an overhead compartment by a well-intentioned friendly  and black is definitely less likely to get scuffed. I also love the Bric’s luggage – still a little pricy, but the material is made out of the same stuff my Prada is made from – and somehow, that stuff is indestructible. I’m a pretty big fan of Amazon – so if you’re going to order something, find the highest rated bag that fits your budget – Amazon reviewers are great and never too shy to tell you how incredibly horrible a product or vendor is.

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Boots – for boots that you’re going to wear a handful of times every year, thinking long-term is a little more practical. It might seem cliché, but you really can’t go wrong with the classic Hunter boots. A dark gray, black, navy, or hunter green will always be in style. If you’re worried about blending in, take them to a place that does monogramming or order a custom monogram decal off etsy to add to the back!

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Formal dresses – when you’re looking for the perfect formal gown, I promise you that you’re not going to find it. Next time you see a super flattering, basic, black gown on sale, just…get it. Finding a formal gown right before an event is such a pain. Get something that will work for all seasons and you’ll thank yourself later!

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