There’s a reason many chefs and bakers are stereotyped as overweight—besides their “love of food,” they’re just around it all day long. I’d be lying if I said I’m the type who can make an entire batch of cookies or an entire meal without “tasting” it…like, 40 times. I can’t imagine how unhealthy I’d be if I were to do cookies full-time. In order to counteract my sugar problem, I try to spend the rest of my time as far away from unhealthy foods as humanly possible.

So, where in Dallas can you order just about anything on the menu and know that it will be tasty and guilt-free? After a fashion show at Tootsies last Thursday, I went with some of my lovely fashionistas (Ellen & Janie of The Perennial Style and Heather of Style by Fluent) to True Food in Preston Center for cocktails and appetizers. I had been to the location in Newport once, but didn’t even realize this was the same place! This place is my new go-to in general, especially before a night out—I mean, is there anything worse than getting to the end of a meal before going out and realizing that you’ve just stuffed yourself with the free chips and salsa, along with one or two 700-calorie margaritas? Woof.

I absolutely love all of the healthy options True Food has—check out a few of the photos of our food!






(Oh, and word of advice: bring some mosquito repellent if you sit on the patio!!)

Thank you for reading! xo Kate